Hi, guys! I'm creating this blog to let you know what's the best family-friendly resort that you're going to visit if you plan to have a fun summer vacation.

Here are some of the best resort here in the Philippines.

1.  BATANES RESORT  (Kaychanarianan, Basco, Batanes)

Batanes is the perfect vacation place where you can enjoy peace and quiet, panoramic views of hills and mountains, and pristinely isolated beaches.
Nestled along a hillside, Batanes Resort is composed of small houses a few meters away from the beach. The resort has a friendly staff and comfortable accommodations. More importantly, they know the best of the islands and can arrange guided 

Start at Batan Island and explore 

Valugan Rock Bay where you’ll hear the rumblings of boulders as they’re tugged by the waves. Walk along Ivatan stone houses (made of stone and cogon grass) and meet up with old women wearing Vacul, a headdress made of cogon grass to protect them against harsh weather. Be sure to drop by the famed Marlboro Country (picturesque hills and grasslands), Mahato Fishing Village, and Pacita          Abad’s house-cum-museum. Go on a rough boat ride to visit Sabtang Island where centuries-old houses made of cobblestones still stand. The good news: you can actually stay in one of these homes for the night. Cap off your excursion with a picnic at Cavanaran Beach, a secluded beach perfect for picture taking, sun bathing, and emoting.