7. CLUB PARADISE RESORT (Dimakya Island, Coron, Northern Palawan)

7.  CLUB PARADISE RESORT (Dimakya Island, Coron, Northern Palawan)
Animals never fail to delight children, and there’s no better place in the country to do that than in Club Paradise Resort. The exotic fauna of the ecologically-rich northern part of Palawan is one of the resort’s top draws. Emerald doves or pink-necked green pigeons occasionally dart around the cottages. At night, guests can espy a Pied Fantail or an Asian Glossy Starling from their windows. A trail along the hill that forms the backbone of the island, perfect for a short hike to its highest point, affords a panoramic view of the 19-hectare Dimakya, the sea, and the outlying islets.

The resort staff collects the eggs of the rare Hawksbill turtle, and guest families with children are enjoined for hatchling send-offs at sunrise or sunset. When snorkeling around the Dimakya waters, guests can chance upon fully-grown turtles as well as other reef creatures. For more exotic animals, Calauit is just a boat ride away. The resort routinely arranges excursions to the wildlife reserve, where guests can see African animals like zebras and giraffes running through the grassland.

Back in Club Paradiese, there are no TV sets to distract. Instead there are indoor games and a library of books. Occasionally, the resort sets up a big screen on the beach for a makeshift family movie theater amidst swaying coconuts.