8. FORT ILOCANDIA RESORT HOTEL (Barangay 37, Calayab, Laoag City, Ilocos Norte)

8.  FORT ILOCANDIA RESORT HOTEL (Barangay 37, Calayab, Laoag City, Ilocos Norte)

Why does Fort Ilocandia considered as “the” family-friendly vacation spot? It’s simple! There’s plenty of time to spend with the family! Just the whole day’s drive alone provides you with lots of opportunities to give the kids lessons on history, marriage, and family. For a super busy mom, it was the perfect captive audience!
At the hotel, everything is big: the rooms are huge, the meal servings can feed a whole family, and the swimming pool is Olympic-sized. The beach sand dunes stretch endlessly and make for the perfect family playground. The only thing small here is their mini zoo, and that still has an extensive bird collection. For big families, Fort Ilocandia is the best, because there’s plenty of room for everyone.