4. BORACAY REGENCY BEACH RESORT (Station 2, Balabag, Boracay, Aklan)

4.  BORACAY REGENCY BEACH RESORT (Station 2, Balabag, Boracay, Aklan)
Located at Station 2, right in the middle of the action, but you don’t need to worry about not getting a good night’s sleep as the resort offers a lovely cocoon of security and comfort. The first resort to receive a Triple A rating along White Beach, nothing is too much of a bother for their courteous and always-with-a-smile staff. Need an extra pillow? They’ll bring it up in minutes. Need more seasoning for your room service order? Coming right up!
Of course, the beach is where the action is, and because the property stands right at the beachfront, they’ll bring you your daiquiris and margaritas while you tan in your lounging chair and reach cocktail heaven. If you’ve had enough of the sun and the saltwater, they’ve got two crystal clear swimming pools for more water fun. While you haggle for some pearls, you can leave the kids to have a splashing good time at the pool in the hands of the always-dependable staff. And the food! Breakfast is always a heaping affair at Cafe Christina. And if you must order room service, try their pizzatinis!